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I didn't sign up for this early on because I was entirely unconvinced that I could be much help, but now I'm sleep-deprived and that makes me wild!

I've put my services (such as they are) up for auction at [ profile] help_haiti.
I am offering: 500+ words of original fiction or fanfiction, or a beta read on a fic no longer than 3000 words.
Starting bid: 5 USD
You can bid here.
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OMG it's the NON-CREEPY version of yesterday's meme. Thanks, [ profile] yuki_onna.

If I came to visit you and you had my undivided time and attention for 24 hours, what would you like to do together? Be specific--you never know, it might be possible!

"I must be on another planet."

  • Dec. 29th, 2009 at 12:28 AM
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Sometimes I can't resist memes. Ganked from [ profile] a_white_rain.

If you had me alone, locked up in your house for twenty-four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to*, what would you have me do?

All comments will be permanently screened because it's a secret. Then repost this in your LJ. You might be surprised with the responses you get. Feel free to answer anonymously if you'd prefer.

*As long as you weren't causing me any permanent damage. I think this is an important point.

P.S. Oooh, and I just found a pretty excellent blog post from Bitch Magazine on disability!fail in speculative fiction:
These aren't condemnations of the characters (my love for many of them is strong), but observations of a common trope: "Let's have a disabled character, but with a magic device that means we don't actually have to deal with disability! Ooh, and let's be edgy and give them magic powers!"

Which is oddly enough giving me anti-disability!fail story ideas. *_* MAYBE THERE SHOULD BE A FICATHON. MAYBE THERE ALREADY IS(??)!

"We thought you was a toad!"

  • Jul. 30th, 2009 at 9:08 PM
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Best meme ever.

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

(If you're not aware, my fanfiction journal is at [ profile] planetbarcelona. Cheers! ♥)

"I cannot see that James Callis is straight."

  • Mar. 16th, 2009 at 12:28 AM
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Once upon a time, [ profile] roz_mcclure did a Shakespeare Balloon Poll.

And once upon another time, I was born a vicious copycat.

So here we are.

[ profile] roz_mcclure: [note: all science in this is shit. because it is a balloon poll, and therefore about the most important questions of human survival, like, "who would you push out first, the loyal sidekick or the dashing antagonist?" SO THE WAY YOU PLAY IS: you vote for whoever you would throw out of the balloon, not who you want to stay in. Every few days, whoever has the most votes gets pitched over the edge and a new poll is put up with the remaining cast. JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE!]

I was totally thinking about who would win in a fight, Rapunzel or Snow White, and then I realized: THIS SHOULD BE A FAIRY TALES BALLOON POLL.

[Poll #1366231]

I am actually really excited to write hilarious, irreverent, wildly meta, smushy fairy tale fanfiction in smirking manner of Fables. PLZ, LET'S DO THIS! (And I promise not to make it all weird and lame with Snow White and the dude.)

P.S. Check it out, [ profile] leiascully, you're my title quote again. ;)
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Unlocking for porn purposes. Welcome, new friends. Scroll down.

We did yin yoga this morning, or lots of long-holding stretches. Here is how I feel about yin yoga: A++++++++++++++. And my awesome, beautiful-voiced, unbelievably flexible yoga teacher remembered my name. Not "Nina," "Nivair," bitches. And she pronounced it right. And I haven't been in a month and a half because of film class. Basically, my yoga school wins.

Also, I finally have my downloaded seasons of The West Wing on my new hard drive. Season 1 has disappeared without a trace, apparently, so I'll have to reacquire that (darn), but I am watching The West Wing for the first time in months and it is beautiful. The good thing about a show like The West Wing is that it is incredibly high-quality and accurate and full of educational things, so you don't feel like a complete moron for holing yourself up in your apartment for hours on end devouring it. The bad thing about it, however, is that that very same quality makes it impossible to write really good porny fanfiction for the show. And with that in mind, we'll move on to The X-Files. :D

I have always wanted to be part of an EPIC PORN BATTLE ever since I realized that such things existed, and through [ profile] fireworkfiasco, NOW I AM! Not that it in any way compares to the [ profile] fireworkfiasco/[ profile] trolliepop Team of Awesomeness, but you know. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to toss three (or four, or five :P ) fic recommendations your way, and then [ profile] pie_is_good (and anyone else who wants a try!), I challenge you. Comment and let's go.

The NC-17 Mulder/Scully Revue, Part I )
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[ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch

Because it took a sleepless night, several cups of Canadian tea, and my trademark obsessive insanity.


[ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch


We celebrate peace. Yet we pay no attention to the ways of curing aggression in human beings. And when one sees in psychoanalysis hostility disappearing as people conquer their fears, one wonders if the cure is not there.
The Diary of Anaïs Nin; August, 1945

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