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Before we begin, I just discovered this November 2008 audio interview with Joss Whedon at Mother Jones, and it has me making GRABBY HANDS at my screen. I'm sorry, I am just not capable of not loving this man. (If you are more ninja than me and can figure out how to save/download this audio file, please tell me! I will be grateful! ♥!)

... That leads in, sort of, to the election. You know, people have been asking, whom do you think has suffered more, the black man or the white woman?

I'm gonna go with the black woman. Transgendered Asians! ... No, but you don't qualify that, because it's beside the point ...

Also: OMG JOSS CAN HOLD HIS TEQUILA. Props, Joss! I do not do tequila. (P.S. OMG he just made a Godfather reference. *falls over* He likes all this classical film student stuff, yet somehow what he took from it was "NEEDS MOAR WOMEN." That's what makes him able to straddle both worlds. Also I loff him and his adorable, thoughtful, imaginative self.)

Recap of and commentary on Dollhouse 1x03 'Stage Fright.' This is long, but according to my calculations, entertaining. Please help me double-check my calculations. )
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Clearly this is going to be an Ellen Page day. I keep thinking about her, so now I'm reading interviews, and ... EVERYTHING I READ JUST MAKES ME MORE AND MORE ADORING OF HER. She is ... unbelievable. She is so ... so much like Juno. And so badass. I LOVE it when you read more about a celebrity and find out that THEY are as invested in their projects as YOU are. She chose the script for Juno, because she LOVED it. Just like all of the Firefly cast loved Firefly.

A survey of interviews I've read, i.e. Proof of Ellen Page's Utter Wonderfulness. )

She just makes me feel normal. She makes me feel okay. She's done for young women what it has always been my mission in life to do: Inspire them to be themselves.

And she's my age, too. Well, a few months older, but. OMG ELLEN MARRY ME. I'VE NEVER BEEN SKINNY-DIPPING YOU COULD TAKE ME. :DDD

And I have learned from [ profile] lily_268 that when you love something you should picspam it. So here it is: An Ellen Page Picspam.

I kept it manageable -- only five photos. Which means this might end up being a Part One, hee hee. )

ELLEN PAGE. If this didn't make you the tiniest bit happier about your day, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL.
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Some of the things I've written will forever be lost to antiquity, like my fabulous collection of drunk Firefly drabbles or that random 2,000-word short story I did on Chicago for fuck's sake, but nobody wants to be bothered with memories anymore. So here it all is. (At least, after about 2004. I've been a fanfic-writing freak since '98.) Excerpts appear in italics below each link.

It occurs to me that I tend to kind of underestimate on these ratings. OH, WELL. IT'S GOOD FOR THEM. I was corrupted by fanfic as a child, and look how great I turned out to be!

Also, [ profile] ff_fanfic seems to have done away with the only other Mal/Inara-ish thing I've ever done, which was that piece with all the mindfuckery that nobody read because I billed it as Mal/River/Inara and it wasn't really, it was just either Mal/River or Mal/Inara depending on how you looked at it, and I think it's pretty critical that I stop talking now. But I'd like to thank [ profile] goldy_dollar for trying her valiantest to get me to write Mal/Inara, and I'd like to thank [ profile] jazzfic, [ profile] whatever_we_are, [ profile] fireworkfiasco, and [ profile] ana_sedai, for, well, BEING MY HOMEGIRLS. Really. Those were the golden days.

Doctor Who
I think [ profile] planetbarcelona's doing a pretty good job keeping track of these particular shenanigans (what with the TAGS and all). Maybe I'll come back later and add them. :P They're mostly Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose, with a sprinkling of Four/Romana II to make things Old School. YEAH FOUR.

Better than Flying (Mal/River, R, 358 words, for [ profile] whatever_we_are in [ profile] serenity_santa)
"Talk to me," she said, curling up in the shirt she'd just removed from him. "Tell me how it feels."

Broken Memories (Mal/River, PG-13, 1000 words, done for the [ profile] picfor1000 ficathon)
For some reason her door was still open, and she looked out and wondered exactly how bad she would feel if she woke Simon up at this xiong meng de kuang ren hour, and whether that would be worse than the panic she felt now.

Corsair (Mal/Inara, PG-13, 1064 words)
It was the same dance, and no matter how old it got they clung to the steps like lifelines, because if one toe got out of place the music and the rhythm would spin out of control and there would be nothing left of normalcy.

Drifting (Mal/River, PG-13, 2380 words, for [ profile] malriv_ficathon)
"Shhh," River said. "The stomach is the optimum hit point for serious warfare. Legs cannot be afforded. Arms are needed for weapons. In the stomach you will bleed and hurt but you will not die. Pain is a weakness. A small inconvenience. Death is intolerable."

Enough (Mal/River, R, 1351 words)
Mal doesn't want to cry in front of Zoe, but then he does want to, so he tries, but the tears are dry before they reach his face and he is so numb that he scrapes his face against the jagged edge of the rock to see what is wrong. When there's blood running into his eyes the dream goes black for a moment and River reaches out to grab something before it returns.

First Law (Mal/River, unrated, 125 words)
She smiled, her eyes warm. "Exchanges of heat and work are energy transfers across a system boundary."

Five Drabbles (Mal/River, PG-13ish, 348 words, for [ profile] whatever_we_are in [ profile] serenity_santa)
Later, with her fingers on Serenity's controls and the captain she loves to her right, she realizes she is too afraid to read his thoughts.

Good Omens (Mal/River, PG-13, 3508 words, for the [ profile] shinyhearts ficathon)
"Might not be too wise to be thinkin' on such things at this hour," Mal advised, getting up to come stand behind her. He'd wanted to anchor her, but giving her the hug he'd intended suddenly didn't seem like a very good idea.

Have to Be Here (Mal/River, PG-13, 1467 words, for [ profile] whatever_we_are in [ profile] serenity_santa)
A smile twitched at the corner of her mouth. Mal always wondered where she found light enough to give him those little grins, but he didn't wonder too hard. Would take the magic away.

Instructions (Mal/River, PG-13, 806 words)
She had imagined him hard, hot, fast; she had pictured awkwardness and a struggle to keep up with him, a fight not to be forgotten.

Learning to Fly (Mal/River, hard PG-13, 15155 words)
Mal was all at once more afraid than he'd ever been of anything or anyone, but he wanted to dance and laugh and he was pretty gorram sure he wouldn't even need booze to do it. He held her desperately, carefully, as if she might break; his every protective instict ballooned into one when he felt her against him and realized that this was the one serenity he needed to keep forever.
Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X | Part XI

Little Mouse (Mal/River, G to light PG, 791 words)
Mal'd be lying if he didn't say he felt a complete fool for just assuming that a girl so graceful and intuitive wasn't a trained killer.

Metal (Mal/River, PG-13 but should probably be R, 896 words)
River wished he could bring himself to touch her for longer than a minute -- wished Simon would stop throwing the captain daggers with his eyes, and wished the captain wouldn't look down when he did.

Serenity (Mal/River, PG-13, 349 words)
"You love how you stopped just a little bit of it," she told him, touching his lips like she'd never felt them before. "You did something, made a difference. Didn't have to lie back and wait a week for the surrender."

Unholy (Mal/River, PG but should probably be PG-13, 893 words)
Even when the rest of his village compatriots were making faces and kicking the backs of pews, Mal faced forward, held tight to his momma's hand. And if during the hymns, some saw a blush creep across his cheeks as he sang, well, he still sang, and Ma Reynolds told her women that little Malcolm made her prouder than his daddy ever would.

Untitled (Mal/River, unrated, 241 words)
Something in her tone made him look back, and realize she was crying.

The Lord of the Rings
At Edoras No Longer (Eowyn/Faramir, G, 99 words)
I used to run to the stables of Meduseld and tell the stallions stories as I groomed them, brushing to the tune of a ballad or whispering details of the latest exciting sword manouver I'd learned.

Below the Balcony (Eowyn/Faramir, PG, 1012 words)
Long moments passed until the soldier sighed in sleep, his anxious visage relaxing, and at this his caregivers allowed themselves a smile.

Still Would I Love You (Eowyn/Faramir, PG, 504 words)
I had loved him because I wished to be lifted above all the mean things of the earth. The mean was all I saw.

The Loveliest Dream (Firefly/Kill Bill, Mal/River, R because it is an extreme crackfic of doom, 2167 words)
Doesn't really tell you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. That comment was a little artistic license on the part of the captain.

Somebody Else (Doctor Who/Firefly, Ten/Inara, R, 1743 words, for the [ profile] sonic_tea ficathon of ULTIMATE AWESOME)
"I forgot how you bristle," he replied. "I just didn't peg you for an edge-of-the-universe, illegal-smuggling kind of woman. You had rooms last time. And very eager attendants with nibbles."


We celebrate peace. Yet we pay no attention to the ways of curing aggression in human beings. And when one sees in psychoanalysis hostility disappearing as people conquer their fears, one wonders if the cure is not there.
The Diary of Anaïs Nin; August, 1945

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