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I am brain-dead after staying up all night writing, and we're apparently not leaving yet for the final cleanout/scrubdown of my apartment, so you get more on last night's BSG. Spoiler alert! )
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Eve Myles: "I Shoot Not One Gun, but Two!" (digg! thank you!)
Torchwood's Eve Myles and Euros Lyn showed up to talk about the new miniseries "Children of Earth," telling us that these five hours pack more of a punch than the last two seasons combined. Spoilers!

First Ten Minutes of Dollhouse Revealed (digg! thank you!)
"Roll it, Clip Man!" Joss Whedon exclaimed as soon as he sat down in the NYCC screening theater. What he and Tahmoh Penikett had to show us was, in a word, hot. Spoilers!

Vertigo Promises New Graphic Novels, New Series
Executive editor Karen Berger was in fine form at this year's Vertigo panel, introducing a crop of new one-dollar monthlies and several original graphic novels on the theme of racial and cultural identity.

X-Files Director Promises 7-Foot-Tall Penis in New Film
There was plenty of excitement to go around at the Alien Trespass panel, as producers talked tentacles, defended goo, and even got Robert Patrick and Eric McCormack to access their silly sides.


(Full disclosure: Those last two articles are crap. SORRY. I was hopped up on NyQuil, guys. That's just the way the flu cookie crumbles.)
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Here is how much I love Slumdog Millionaire: SO MUCH. If you have not seen it yet JUST GO DO IT I don't even care if you wait for the dollar theatre or whatever you have to do but IT IS SO WELL DONE and if it grosses highly then Hollywood will give us more movies like this! OKAY?! OKAY!!

Should I do some kind of thing where like if you can prove to me that you've gone to see Slumdog Millionaire I will give you a cookie? Write you a drabble? Pose for pictures naked on the wing of a plane? (I will not do that. Unless Dev Patel asks me personally, in which case I WILL HAVE THE PLANE AND CAMERAS READY.)

(And by the way, the three musketeers are Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. D'Artagnan is the fourth. WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEEMS TO HAVE ACTUALLY READ THIS BOOK???!!! We push Faulkner in our schools, and not Dumas? Blasphemy.)

P.S. If you've seen/made any super-exciting Slumdog Millionaire icons you should point me to them. :)
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For all those hataz out there who said The Daily Show would no longer be the tour de force it is once we stopped having moron-lunatics in power, THINK AGAIN. It was as magnificent as ever on the day after the election. Jon Stewart, if your humorless security guards had not put the fear of God in me, I would totally have thrown you my black lace panties the day I was in your live studio audience. AND I DO NOT TOSS PANTIES WILLY-NILLY. Just putting that out there.*

And in case anyone's wondering, no, I will never stop telling you to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. EVER.

P.S. I know Jon Stewart can hold his own and it is hot to watch him do so, but if any Fox News asshat ever tries to insult The Stewart around me, I will taser his nuts into oblivion.

*And thus Jon Stewart became 200% more grateful for his humorless security guards.

"Tonight is your answer."

  • Nov. 5th, 2008 at 1:03 AM
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Ladies, gentlemen, aliens, I give you the man I voted for today and the awesomest woman ever who stands by his side, along with their kids ... THE OBAMAS, THE NEW FIRST FAMILY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

And after 8 years of hell, all is finally fucking right with the world again.

Plus, I heard it first on The Daily Show, from a man I love and admire to the utmost -- JON MOTHERFUCKING STEWART, BABY.

That speech was the best fucking thing I have ever heard from a politician, Y/Y?! WHO ELSE IS READY TO GET OUT THERE AND HELP BARACK SOLVE PROBLEMS??!!!


Okay, I'm done.

I am a crossposting bitch.

  • Sep. 24th, 2008 at 11:45 PM
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It hurts me more than it hurts you, I promise. This is just because I have a couple of new friends who may or may not know that they are welcome to friend my fic journal [ profile] planetbarcelona for actually consistent updates on my fabulous fannish writing.

A summary of my offerings to [ profile] xf_pornbattle:

Title: Necklace
Word Count: 614
Rating: hard R
Spoilers: none
Prompt: Mulder/Scully, gold cross
( It's a game he plays with her sometimes, more and more often once he notices what it does to her. )

Title: Silk Secrets
Word Count: 125
Rating: R
Spoilers: none
Prompt: Scully, Mulder's tie
( She's liberated one of Mulder's ties -- that's what she calls it -- because it was an ugly pattern and he wouldn't notice anyway. )

Title: Cancellations
Word Count: 154
Rating: R
Spoilers: none
Prompt: Mulder/Scully, Scully masturbation interrupted
( He knows exactly what she was doing that morning, that morning he was supposed to be away till noon. )

Title: Do Your Thing
Word Count: 188
Rating: R
Spoilers: through "The X-Files: I Want to Believe"
Prompt: Mulder/Scully, unexpected chat
( For years she feels herself slipping into his quests, shrinking smaller and smaller until she could swear his body rests against hers more heavily than it used to. )

Title: Virtual Fuck (by [ profile] trolliepop & me)
Word Count: 725
Rating: R
Spoilers: none
Prompt: (crossover with The Office US) Langly/Dwight, Bears beat Battlestar Galactica
( It's a cold day in Scranton, the kind that has HP-printer grey settling over everything, when Richard Langly is chasing the bear. )

Title: Thirty-Five Thousand Feet
Word Count: 226
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: none
Prompt: Mulder/Scully, joining the Mile High Club
( She can feel the rumble of them under her toes -- what Mulder informed her are two CFM-56-3B1s, with a combined takeoff thrust of 40,000 pounds. )

Title: The Curious Assignment of Luck
Word Count: 780
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: none
Prompt: Mulder/Scully, one lonely night
( He gets wacko sometimes, holed up in the house cutting clippings out of publications Scully would be ashamed to say she'd read. )
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Unlocking for porn purposes. Welcome, new friends. Scroll down.

We did yin yoga this morning, or lots of long-holding stretches. Here is how I feel about yin yoga: A++++++++++++++. And my awesome, beautiful-voiced, unbelievably flexible yoga teacher remembered my name. Not "Nina," "Nivair," bitches. And she pronounced it right. And I haven't been in a month and a half because of film class. Basically, my yoga school wins.

Also, I finally have my downloaded seasons of The West Wing on my new hard drive. Season 1 has disappeared without a trace, apparently, so I'll have to reacquire that (darn), but I am watching The West Wing for the first time in months and it is beautiful. The good thing about a show like The West Wing is that it is incredibly high-quality and accurate and full of educational things, so you don't feel like a complete moron for holing yourself up in your apartment for hours on end devouring it. The bad thing about it, however, is that that very same quality makes it impossible to write really good porny fanfiction for the show. And with that in mind, we'll move on to The X-Files. :D

I have always wanted to be part of an EPIC PORN BATTLE ever since I realized that such things existed, and through [ profile] fireworkfiasco, NOW I AM! Not that it in any way compares to the [ profile] fireworkfiasco/[ profile] trolliepop Team of Awesomeness, but you know. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to toss three (or four, or five :P ) fic recommendations your way, and then [ profile] pie_is_good (and anyone else who wants a try!), I challenge you. Comment and let's go.

The NC-17 Mulder/Scully Revue, Part I )
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Dude, I totally win at like everything in life. And it feels great.
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[ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch

Because it took a sleepless night, several cups of Canadian tea, and my trademark obsessive insanity.


[ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch [ profile] vm_rewatch
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It's not fun to get home from WisCon and find out that your friends are under attack. Apparently there are people in the world who are determined to be vicious, hateful, and harmful without any provocation at all. I am really upset that my friends have been hurt by this -- and are in fact still hurting.

Luckily Bitch Magazine did a feature on internet harassment last issue, which means I can direct you all to Take Back the Tech, which has a specific focus on blogging and violence against women but which does, I think, have resources that are applicable in other situations as well. The internet should be a productive, safe place. There are varied and confusing opinions on fanfiction, pornography, and web journalism, but I think we can all agree that posting people's personal information and threatening violence is never ever okay. Especially when it involves people's children, for fuck's sake -- how low can a person possibly stoop, and why do people have to keep stooping there and making me lose my faith in humanity?

I am using my Willow/Tara icon of acceptance and Awesome, courtesy of [ profile] hjea, to remind myself that the world is full of lesbians and gays and bisexuals and transsexuals and people of every possible skin color and hair color and healthy people of every weight who are free to define their own beauty, and still more people with colors and sexualities and opinions I've missed or haven't even met yet, whether mean bigots have a say in it or not. There have been many, many, many attempts throughout history to shut down all kinds of specific groups of people, but as far as I know in the long run none of them have succeeded. Acceptance, understanding, civility, and progress will always win out over closed-minded bigotry and violence.

WisCon attendees? You are not anything any of those people have been saying about you, and I know you know it -- we all know it -- but when things seem overly negative it never hurts to add in a positive comment or two. You are gorgeous; you are intelligent; you are changing the world into a happier and more interesting place; and it was an honor to spend the weekend with you.
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If you live in Pennsylvania and are eligible for voter registration -- and you are not registered to vote by the end of the day -- I will lose almost all of my respect for you.

More later.
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Lately I've been rocking AlterNet, specifically this piece on why nobody should be able to make fun of Obama supporters. There's a sad piece about Samantha Power being forced to resign, and an even sadder piece about the effect the Clinton campaign's mudslinging is having on the Obama campaign.

In case anyone's still undecided, and has yet to vote (the only good thing about all this Democratic division is that PENNSYLVANIA MATTERS), I urge you to check out dailykos's recent 25 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama and 25 Reasons I Cannot Support Hillary Clinton. Especially if you still believe that Obama is inexperienced, that Clinton is not divisive, or that we will see actual change from either McCain or Clinton. That just isn't true.

The Economist magazine said it best recently: "The best presidents are like magnets below a piece of paper, invisibly aligning iron filings into a new pattern of their making." Most of the presidents in American history who have been transformative have been charismatic figures with exceptional oratorical skills who persuaded Americans to share in their larger vision. I am not able to imagine a President Hillary Clinton or a President John McCain being similarly transformative, or being such a magnet. ...

There is no question Obama is an icon of hope. And despite ridicule to the contrary, hope does matter. When people join movements to realize raised hopes, our nation has a chance of changing for the better. When they damp their hopes, as Clinton suggests, the status quo is preserved. Hope and fear, future and past are the determining factors in this election. Not gender, not race. Will grouchy and divided Americans be driven primarily by their fears, or by their hopes? By their nostalgia for some "better" past, or by the courage to face a new future? The possibility of a new president named Barack Hussein Obama hangs on the answer.

I've seen a lot of people discuss voting for a president as though it were a race to reference the most media labels and nitpick the most idiotic, inconsequential details. For instance: a friend read one article on Obama's campaign taking away from his senatorial post, and suddenly was the authority on his "inexperience" and his "bad habit" of voting "not present." First of all, I don't recall this friend being a constitutional scholar. Second of all, Obama being "inexperienced" is a complete media fabrication -- how many years of experience has Clinton had as a senator? Is being a senator, in fact, anything like being a president? If Clinton wants to claim her time as First Lady as presidential experience, well, is Bill Clinton also going to be a Co-President First Gentleman?

Basically, I am sick and tired of people not bothering to look beyond empty stereotypes and think for themselves. The fact that Obama's middle name, for example, or a photo of him wearing a turban, can even begin to affect someone's vote shows that something is seriously wrong. If people are really that stupid, I honestly don't know what to do for them.

We all agree that the place our country is in right now sucks. And yet instead of jumping at a solid candidate with an incredibly impressive pedigree and an amazingly inspirational effect -- someone, mind you, who has pretty clearly been handed the mantle of John F. Kennedy -- so many voters are content to get caught up in useless mudslinging.

No, I don't agree completely with everything Barack Obama does. But it's obvious that he cares about the same core values that I do: Human rights (like affordable health care and equal opportunities for everyone). Environmental responsibility. Peace (the importance of negotiation as a FIRST RESORT and war as a LAST RESORT). Honesty, accountability, and truth. Obama is consistent -- and being consistent doesn't mean remaining glued to your initial beliefs even when new facts fly in the face of them. Being consistent means not changing your essential core values. Obama is compassionate; his diverse background and exceptional mind allow him to understand the position of every American he meets, and have a decent chance at making our lives better.

I'm not going to get caught up in whether or not Barack Obama sat on the floor of the Senate on February 11, 2005 at 3:04 p.m. (or whatever). I'm not going to reward other candidates for having Iraq exit strategies NOW, YEARS after the fact, when in the midst of all the initial fearmongering and panic, Barack Obama was the one who advised Americans to stop and think before deciding to waste precious lives in a misguided war. I'm not going to nitpick his (or his wife's) fashion decisions, I'm not going to instantly switch allegiances when his (admirable, educated, and capable) campaign advisors show signs of (perfectly righteous) frustration, and I'm not going to let people tell me that I support him just because I'm part of a "youthquake."

Barack Obama is the only candidate who both recognizes the gravity and the difficulty of the United States' current situation, and he is the only one with the judgment and education necessary to begin the complex job of turning it around.

And if you don't agree, I'd be really interested to hear how you back up your point.


We celebrate peace. Yet we pay no attention to the ways of curing aggression in human beings. And when one sees in psychoanalysis hostility disappearing as people conquer their fears, one wonders if the cure is not there.
The Diary of Anaïs Nin; August, 1945

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